Pool Party: Liquidity Mining in OP Summer

We’re introducing a new liquidity mining initiative as part of OP Summer: Pool Party!

Cool off in any of our liquidity pools and earn enhanced yields as a maker.

Learn more about providing liquidity on Perp.

New to LP’ing? Check out our Easy LP feature to make it a breeze!

Didn’t receive invites to any pool parties this summer? No worries, as we have kicked off our very own!

As a new initiative for liquidity providers (LPs), Pool Party offers incentives in both OP and PERP tokens for facilitating volume on our DEX.

In case you missed it, we detailed the plans for our allocation of Optimism’s governance token OP last month in a tweet thread:

To improve market depth and incentivize liquidity provision, we’re distributing 8 million OP tokens to LPs. Read our full proposal here.

And as part of this distribution, we’re getting the pool party started with a big cheers to every single LP that has ever supplied liquidity by rewarding them with a retroactive airdrop!

Retroactive OP Airdrop🪂

If you’ve ever provided liquidity to any of the markets on Perp, then you’re in for a surprise!

Check here to see if you’re eligible.

Out of the 8 million OP tokens allocated to our LPs, 1.8 million will be airdropped across all 689 historical LPs who have facilitated volume on our DEX since the launch of Perp v2 Curie. A total of 100,000 OP is to be allocated to each market.

The snapshot period covers the launch of Curie in November 2021, all the way until June 1, 2022. So if you’ve made markets before June 1, 2022, then you’re eligible to receive OP tokens!

The airdropped amount you’ll receive depends on how much volume your liquidity has facilitated for a market compared to the total. For example, if you facilitated 10% of the total volume for the ETH market between the launch of Curie until June 1, 2022, then you’ll receive 10,000 OP as an airdrop.

If you’re eligible, you’ll receive your OP tokens directly to your Ethereum address on Monday, July 18th!

Pool Party💧🥳

6.58 million of the OP tokens dedicated to LPs will be distributed as incentives through our Pool Party initiative.

Makers on Perp currently receive 80% of the trading fees and weekly rewards of 5,000 PERP for each market. LPs can already enjoy hefty returns on Perp, with some markets offering triple-digit or even quadruple-digit APRs. Now we are incentivizing liquidity provision with OP tokens up for grabs every week for each market!

Update: from Oct 2nd, 2023, the weekly Pool Party rewards will be adjusted as follows:

But since it’s OP summer, you can make hay while the sun shines with boosted rewards in the form of OP tokens!

If you want to accumulate some OP, all you have to do is:

  • Pick a pool,

  • Provide liquidity,

  • Claim your OP tokens when the weekly rewards are distributed (every Monday)!

LPs will need to claim their weekly OP rewards through the UI when they are distributed on each Monday via the Optimism network!

The number of OP tokens that makers can earn is based on how much volume you facilitate as compared to the size of the pool. For example, if you’ve supplied $100,000 worth of assets to a pool of size $1 million, then you’ll be able to claim 10% of the OP tokens allocated to that market from the weekly rewards.

Update: October 18th

To make the liquidity mining program more efficient and to defend against potential wash trading, a new formula is applied to calculate Pool Party rewards, based on the amount of time the price is within the LP’s range and the concentration of liquidity. For more details about the calculation, check out our help centre article.

Check out the following resources we’ve put together to help you get started as a maker and earn sweet yields:

And on this note, we conclude our open invite to the Perpetual Protocol Pool Party. Dive into a pool, become a maker, and earn OP rewards!

  • Note: we reserve the right to changes the rules or prevent participation in Pool Party initiative if it is gamed in any way.

Translations of this article are available in Español, Hindi (हिंदी), Mandarin (普通话), Swahili, and Thai (ไทย), thanks to the help of our Perpvangelists!

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