Unlock the Power of PerpSim with These New Features!

DeFi investors are constantly seeking ways to elevate their decision-making abilities and optimize their portfolios. PerpSim was released in October 2022 as a powerful tool for liquidity providers that provides data-driven insights into their liquidity positions on Perp and risk management.

The creators of PerpSim, Component.fi, have been refining the product over the past few months, recently introducing a series of new features that empower Perp users to make more informed decisions and improve their overall experience.

Seamless Management of Maker Positions

Imagine a harried trader named Peter, juggling multiple positions in his Perp portfolio. The constant toggling between positions becomes tedious. He can't help but feel he’s not making the most of his capital.

PerpSim's Current Positions View was built to consolidate all of Peter’s positions into a single, easily accessible interface, allowing him to quickly assess and edit his investments. Peter can now seamlessly delve into each position's details, from its status in or out of range to impermanent loss and PnL.

With a deeper understanding of his portfolio, Peter focuses on fine-tuning his liquidity management. Edit Liquidity Positions is a feature that offers the ability to add or remove liquidity from any position as needed.

This newly added level of control complements Perp’s current mechanisms by enabling Peter to simulate the performance of a potential position and manage existing positions in the same interface. The result? More efficient capital allocation amidst the ebb and flow of the market. Traders like Peter no longer need to go outside of PerpSim to manage their LP portfolio end-to-end.

Navigating Market Uncertainty

In an ever-changing market, being able to predict future outcomes can be a game-changer. PerpSim's new Predictive Metrics employ Brownian motion and other market-related factors to generate a range of probable outcomes for the asset over a specified period. With this data at his fingertips, Peter is now better equipped to navigate the uncertain waters of the DeFi market.

In addition to Predictive Metrics, savvy traders want to make decisions based on an asset’s historical performance but are wary of extreme events that may have skewed its volatility. PerpSim’s User Defined Timeframe of Reference allows Peter to tailor the data to his preferences and examine the asset's volatility and drift terms while excluding any unwanted anomalies. This personalized view delivers a more accurate picture of the asset's past and potential future performance.

Component’s latest updates to PerpSim were built to enhance user experience and empower traders on Perp to make better informed decisions. As the market continues to grow and transform, PerpSim is an indispensable tool in any trader’s toolkit. A well-balanced blend of control, predictive insights, and streamlined functionality help traders not just survive, but truly thrive in the world of DeFi.

Try the PerpSim beta now:

The Component team is always seeking user feedback. Submit via our Discord server or fill out this form.

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