Monthly Grants Committee Update: August 2022
September 7th, 2022

The Grants Committee had four new proposals and accepted one grant over the course of August 2022.

Read on to find out more about what great things are being built on Perp v2!

Grants Accepted ✅


RoboVault builds automated delta-neutral strategy vaults to offer users sophisticated trading strategies with a single deposit. Originally launched on Avalanche, RoboVault is expanding its offerings to Optimism.

Their team has proposed a multi-stage grant for building out an LP vault on top of Perp v2. The first stage of the grant is to successfully demonstrate a backtest of their proposed strategy; subsequent stages would involve the actual building out and deployment of the vault.

Grants Under Consideration 🔎

Scion Finance

Scion Finance offers market neutral strategy vaults for users looking to earn yield on $USDC. The team has previously shipped Uniswap v2 strategy vaults and is now looking to build LP strategy vaults on top of Perp v2.


Unmarshal submitted a grant to build an analytics framework and dashboard on Perp v2.


Bloktopia submitted a grant proposal to build a headquarters in the metaverse for Perpetual Protocol.

Update on Current Grantees 🎯

  • Socket Bounty: Finalizing their integration into Perpetual Protocol v2.

  • STFX: Completing their integration into Perp v2.

  • Component Finance: Finalizing their MVP product, as well as possible grant extension.

  • Seedle Finance: Updated Seedle to show Perp v2 LP positions.

Apply Now📮

Are you interested in building on top of Perpetual Protocol? Get started now by filling out the grants application form or by checking out the new requests for proposals!

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