Perpvangelist Performance Report 2022
February 13th, 2023

This report provides an overview of the Perpvangelist program's achievements and progress since the funding proposal was approved and financed through a governance vote. 

The Perpvangelist Program has continued growing and driving engagement in the Perpetual Protocol community despite the ongoing market challenges. In the sections that follow, we provide an account of the accomplishments, milestones, challenges, and future program goals specific to each circle. 

The next section outlines some high-level accomplishments and milestones that the Perpvangelist program has achieved as of Q4 2022.  

Program Accomplishment and Milestones

  • A total of 22 Perpvangelists are now active contributors, thanks to steady onboarding and retention.

  • Perpvangelists have made considerable contributions to community engagement, successfully organizing and hosting 4 poker events, 4 gaming events, and a week-long Discord game that our community has enjoyed.

  • The content circle produced a variety of high-quality articles, videos, memes, and tweets about Perpetual Protocol, and has successfully promoted Perp-related content via tweet storms, social media, and YouTube.

  • The moderator circle successfully managed and moderated our Discord and Telegram channels, ensuring that questions and support issues are addressed in a timely manner.

  • The international circle contributed content from a variety of languages and has been working to foster communities around the world.

Program Challenges

While we are pleased with these accomplishments, we have also faced some programmatic challenges along the way. These include:

  • Ensuring that the distribution of rewards is fair and proportional among all contributors, which has required close monitoring and coordination with circle owners and the Foundation community team.

  • Challenges in creating high-quality and impactful content as well as ensuring consistency of the content across different languages.

  • The coordination of efforts across multiple time zones and languages has proven challenging, but we are constantly seeking ways to improve communication and create more effective structures for collaboration. 

Future Program Goals

  • Community Supports Community: We are committed to improving our support response and resolution times. By leveraging the expertise of the Perpvangelist community, we aim to scale and streamline the support process to provide a first-class user support and community success experience.  

  • Boost Community Engagement: Improve community member retention by enhancing engagement through regular activities, events, and opportunities to get involved within the community.

  • Improve Perpvangelist Onboarding and Participation: Our goal is to encourage new members to participate by streamlining the onboarding process and reducing any friction points that may discourage participation. In addition to creating opportunities for contributors to take ownership of projects and initiatives, we aim to create a more fair and transparent rewards system that recognizes and incentivizes active participation and contributions.

Current Takeaways

As we pass the halfway point of the funding period, we remain committed to fostering a strong community, and we are grateful for the ongoing participation and support. We will continue to share the program's progress and welcome your feedback or suggestions.

In the three months since the program received funding, the three circles dedicated to content, moderation, and building out the international community have made significant progress in achieving their goals. 

While each circle faced its own challenges, the team worked together to overcome them, achieve milestones, and set clear goals for the future. This progress is a testament to the power of community and the impact we can make together.

The Perpvangelist program continues to enhance community support, engage new audiences, and champion the Perpetual Protocol brand message globally. 

Call to Action

As we look ahead to the next phase of the program, we encourage the community to join us in our efforts!

If you support decentralization, permissionless finance and the ideals of DeFi, we invite you to become a part of our growing community of ambassadors and help share the vision of Perpetual Protocol! 

Sign up now and become a Perpvangelist today! 

In the following, we provide a breakdown of each circle’s Q4 accomplishments, milestones, and challenges as shared by the respective circle owners.  

The Content Circle

In Q4 2022, the content circle achieved the following accomplishments and milestones.


  • The content circle restructured the content submission process by creating a transparent process and an application form for content contributors. 

  • Developed and executed a content strategy to increase Twitter engagement and number of followers. 

  • Hosted successful events over the quarter promoting community participation and learning.


  • A total of 21 tasks were completed, including 9 AMA recaps, 3 research articles, 4 community events, and 3 educational videos on YouTube.

  • The content circle organized 2 community events on Discord, "Perp Poker" and "Perp Survivor Week", which were successful in engaging the community. 

  • The Perp Poker event had 121 total participants over four months and the Perp Survivor Week had 61 players involved over a five-day period.

  • The content circle, which oversees the Prince of Perpsia Twitter account, saw an increase in Twitter engagement with a peak engagement rate of 34.6% and an average of 5.3%. From the 237 tweets posted, over 36,500 impressions were generated with an average of 446 impressions per day. The circle-managed Twitter account also saw an increase in profile visits and a single tweet received 5,707 impressions.


  • The circle also faced its share of challenges, including difficulty retaining members, obtaining consistent contributions in a bear market environment, and the need for more impactful and higher quality works.

  • The circle learned the importance of prioritizing high-value work, the potential of sharing exposure with contributors via Twitter, and the importance of regular community cadence and discussions for feedback.

Future Circle Goals

  • Looking ahead to Q1 2023, this circle plans to focus on increasing social media growth and engagement with a more targeted and focused content strategy. 

  • Using data-driven approaches, the circle will develop content that engages and drives more engagement and followers, track progress and measure success, and determine the type of content that resonates with the community.

  • Finally, the circle will also continue to organize regular community events to engage and educate the community.

The International Circle

As of Q4 2022, the international circle made significant progress in expanding the engagement and reach of the Perpvangelist community globally. The circle owner, who takes responsibility for leading the efforts in this area, reported the following key achievements and lessons learned during the quarter.


  • To serve our international community, a significant effort has been made to translate our content into multiple languages. This has allowed us to reach a wider audience and provide them with the information they need in a format that is accessible to them. 

  • Ongoing efforts around the alignment of the social accounts to achieve a more consistent and cohesive brand presence across different regions.

  • In addition to our content creation efforts, we have been actively involved in community-building activities. These activities have allowed us to better connect with our community members and create a more engaged and supportive environment.


  • The international circle translated 19 tweets and 123 articles across 7 languages. 

  • Circle members also organized and hosted 2 events. 

  • The efforts to strengthen community support were successful in reducing global tickets, especially in the CN channel, where support waiting time was reduced to <1 day.


Some of the challenges faced by the international circle in achieving its goals include:

  • Lack of and limited resources in terms of time, resources, and budget can make it difficult to execute large-scale community building activities and create high-quality and impactful content.

  • With a diverse and dispersed community, it can be a challenge to keep everyone engaged and active in the community. This can make it difficult to grow the community and build a strong sense of community among members.

  • With a diverse community, tracking metrics such as social media growth and engagement, can be challenging. The international circle will need to find effective ways to track and measure success in its goals.

Future Circle Goals

  • The circle’s focus will continue to revolve around creating impactful content, such as tutorials and videos in multiple languages, to better serve our international community.

  • We are also looking to bring even more community-building activities to our community, such as AMAs, co-op opportunities, and spaces for collaboration with other communities.

  • A targeted and focused content strategy will be developed for our international social media platforms, which will prioritize engagement and growth. We will also establish metrics to track our progress and make data-driven decisions to improve our strategy.

The Moderator Circle

In Q4 of 2022, the moderator circle focused on increasing the participation rate of contributors, creating community events, and improving how moderators perform user support.


  • Onboarded additional moderators to assist with community support.  

  • A trivia event was held and was a success, with a high turnout.

  • Q4 saw the implementation of a revamped support ticketing system and user support process. Moderator circle members actively took part and helped with user support responsibilities.


  • Four new moderators joined the circle in Q4, as well as two technical-focused moderators who became active in support channels.

  • Near around-the-clock moderator support in Discord and Telegram.  

  • Discord and Telegram message count remained consistent throughout the quarter, with the highest message count occurring in May and June, during the sunsetting of V1 and Luna meltdown.


  • With a diverse community spanning multiple time zones and differing levels of contributors, ensuring 24/7 support can be a challenge. 

  • Providing adequate support and resources for moderators to perform their duties effectively.

Future Circle Goals

  • Continue to improve support response times by creating clear roles and responsibilities for handling support tickets.

  • Establish a consistent process for collecting and synthesizing user feedback from our community and sharing it with the Perpetual Foundation team.

  • We aim to create a lively and engaging environment on the Discord/Telegram platforms. The primary focus will be to increase engagement and participation through interactive activities and fostering a sense of community among our members.


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