Monitoring Perp: 5 Dashboards to Track Our Growth
November 29th, 2022

As a decentralized perpetual futures exchange that’s fully on-chain, Perp is committed to full transparency around our users, health of the protocol and trading activities. This article presents 5 dashboards that you can use to track trader activity and the growth of Perp

1. Dune Analytics: Official Perp Dashboard

The official Dune dashboard, created by Perp co-founder Yenwen Feng, gives a comprehensive overview of the protocol, including statistics on traders, the fees and trading volume generated by each market.

Anyone can gain a clear overview of the state of the protocol by examining the clearinghouse contract’s balance, the current value of the insurance fund, as well as a visualization of liquidations. 

  • The clearinghouse contract’s balance is the sum of all collateral deposited by all users, and this smart contract handles leverage, liquidations and all of the trading. 

  • The insurance fund balance shows the safety net available to ensure profitable positions can be paid out in full and liquidated traders do not end up with bad debt.

Once the new PERP tokenomics model is complete and the USDC fee sharing feature is launched, we’ll be adding more charts to this dashboard so you can track the percentage of the PERP supply locked into vePERP, the average APR and other relevant statistics for token holders. 

If there is any information you’d like to see added to our official Dune Analytics dashboard, join our Discord community or reach out to us on Twitter!

2. Nansen

With the recent scare around the solvency of centralized exchanges and the concept of ‘proof of reserves’ entering the limelight, we launched a dashboard in collaboration with the on-chain analytics platform Nansen for greater transparency. The dashboard shows the value of all assets held in Perp v2’s clearinghouse smart contract, as well as all transactions in real time. 

While this dashboard shows some of the same things as the Dune dashboard in the previous section, the Nansen dashboard is another independent source for verification.  

3. Perp Terminal

Our grants program funded the development of Perp Terminal, which shows the trading volume for different markets, as well as trades made by each address in real time and a leaderboard tracking the most profitable traders.

Another unique feature of Perp Terminal is the address book. This feature can be used to track other addresses to see what assets they’re buying or selling.

You can also dive deep into each individual market on Perp. For example, if you’re interested in the ETH-USD market, you can head over to this page to see the trading volume over time, live trades and the amount of fees generated. 

*If you’re a builder, check out our requests for proposals to get funded! We’re specifically interested in people or projects that can build maker vaults on top of Perp and alternative front ends using our open sourced SDK. *

4. Token Terminal

The Token Terminal dashboard shows metrics related to revenue and valuation, including revenues, the value of the Perp Foundation’s treasury, the price-to-sales ratio (illustrating Perp’s valuation in relation to revenue), and the price-to-fees ratio (illustrating valuation in relation to fees). 

The composition by contract tab shows the breakdown of trading volume, fees for each market, as well as a breakdown of the treasury by asset. The daily active users option underneath this tab shows the number of depositors, traders and withdrawers.

As shown above, Perp has witnessed steady growth over the past few months in the number of daily active traders.

5. Dune Analytics: Optimism Project Deep Dive

The fifth and final dashboard is built by Optimism’s data team, providing deep insights into user behavior and activity not just for Perp, but for all projects across the OP ecosystem. 

The deep dive dashboard displays a range of interesting metrics, such as: 

  • The number of transactions (both overall and by a particular smart contract). 

  • User characteristics (such as age of address, most active users and retention). 

  • User affinity with other projects, so you can see which other protocols are popular with Perp users. 

  • And details of other projects building on top of, or interacting, with our protocol.

To see more visualizations relating to Perpetual Protocol, check out the dashboard page from our help center


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