Supercharge Your Trading Collateral with Yield+

Earning yield and leverage trading with a single asset at the same time hasn’t been possible… until now! Yield+ supercharges your collateral by enabling you to earn interest while you trade.

What is Yield+?

Yield+ is a new feature that allows traders to save time and effort by doing two things at once:

  • earn yield with a single asset and also

  • use the same asset as margin to trade perpetual futures.

Along with Perp’s multi-collateral feature, Yield+ unlocks greater flexibility for traders and yield seekers.

By taking advantage of the composability of DeFi, we have built Yield+ on top of Yearn’s managed vaults on Optimism so traders can earn interest on their USDC, USDT or ETH and use their farming positions as margin to trade crypto with leverage.

When depositing to Yield+, you’ll receive some yield-bearing tokens in return. These yield-bearing tokens can then be used as margin to open positions in any of the 18 crypto markets available on Perp.

Even when your collateral is idle, you’ll continue to earn a return from Yearn’s vault strategy. As a result, you don’t have to worry about moving your tokens around when you have no open positions or trading ideas!

The benefits of Yield+ include:

  • Earn interest while you trade: Unlock flexible crypto trading with yield-bearing assets.

  • Sustainable APR with no fees: Earn up to 6% APR from a sustainable strategy.

  • Open to all: Yield accessible to all with no whitelist requirement.

  • Low risk: Yield+ builds on top of Yearn’s battle tested vaults, there’s a very low likelihood of losing your funds since the only risk relates to smart contract exploits.

  • Share price only goes up: Benefit from a share price that is perpetually in ‘number go up’ mode.

  • Instant withdrawal with no lock time: Freedom to deposit or withdraw your tokens whenever you want.

Make your crypto go further and unlock flexible trading with Yield+. Be one of the first to supercharge your trading collateral by signing up to the waitlist now.


  • Is there a minimum deposit?

No, there is no minimum deposit.

  • Is there a cap for Yield+?

Yes, there is going to be both a global cap and an individual cap as it can be used as collateral. The individual cap will be flexible and may change over time.

  • What is the risk of Yield+?

The only risk relates to smart contract exploits. If there’s a bug or exploit in Yearn’s vaults on Optimism, then this impacts Yield+ users.

  • Where does the yield come from?

Yearn’s managed vaults on Optimism.

  • Is the LP token transferrable?

No, it can only be used as collateral to trade on Perp.

  • What’s the collateral ratio for LP token?

The collateral ratio will be determined at a later date, but will start low (~50%). **

If you have any questions about Yield+, contact us and chat with us on Discord using the link below!


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