Monthly Grants Committee Update: October 2022
November 3rd, 2022

The Perpetual Protocol Grants Committee received five new proposals for October 2022. Read on to learn more about the proposals received, proposals under consideration, and updates on a number of ongoing grants!

Grants Accepted ✅

RoboVault Milestone 1

RoboVault is building an LP vault on top of Perpetual Protocol V2. We recently approved their strategy and are now looking to start building out the vault itself.

Grants Under Consideration 🔎


DVol are looking to build two projects on top of Perpetual Protocol including a hedging vault for treasury asset management and an option replication vault.

Liqui Space

Liqui Space is looking to build an LP vault on top of Perpetual Protocol, utilizing their strategy built on Uniswap V3.

Update on Current Grantees 🎯

  • RoboVault: Optimization has finished and approved by the committee now looking to develop the vault itself.

  • Component Finance: PerpSim is live in beta and you can currently use it at The team are seeking feedback, which can be submitted via our Discord server.

  • Atlantis World: Finalized and preparing for launch.

  • Crypto N’ Carry: Completing the implementation for the funding rate arbitrage dashboard.

  • Funding rate arbitrage execution tool: Finalizing the tool itself.

Apply Now📮

Are you interested in building on top of Perpetual Protocol? Get started now by filling out the grants application form or by checking out the new requests for proposals!

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